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I cannot, cannot, CANNOT believe Pretty/Handsome didn't get picked up for a season.

Hey, gay girls and assorted fanboys - if you think not going with Nikki & Nora was an injustice, this is a fucking TRAVESTY. Go. Find the torrent. I'm seeding because there's only one other sporadic seeder so find that one. It says MEDiEVAL.avi at the end, btjunkie and pirate bay should have it.



Ogle Carrie-Anne Moss being completely hot and crossdressing.

Come back and share my pain that this brilliant idea was not followed up on. And absolutely not just because I like CAM. I do. But this could have been absolutely fucking brilliant. Fuck Big Love. This would have been so much better.


Edit: Now there are 5 other seeders (YES!!!) so no excuses. Download. Watch. Now. Please.

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Moar NCIS Commentary


Could... someone extrapolate on the meaning of the last bit of the exchange between Gibbs and Fornell? The daughter bit? I AM RLY CONFUSED.

I was like "Wait... his daughter got married? No... wait... who? What?"

Q - FF/Engine Room/Monkeys

NCIS S7 Final + Sean Murray

Fail. I mean, yeah - okay. But.... definitely lacked what the others had. Sure we care about Gibbs' dad. But.... yeah.

And resolution, start of S8? THAT WAS SO INCREDIBLY NOT. JUST NOT. How easy did they want to make it? So neat! So clean! SO BORING.

But anyway - seriously, is Sean Murray okay? Is he ill? I mean, he's been losing weight steadily but I'm on Royals and Loyals and he looks SICK. I was thinking he was starting to look scrawny and it wasn't working but now it's kind of past that point. I mean, if he was a woman, I would hazard a guess that there were food issues involved. Maybe there are. He was a little baby fat-ish when he first started.

R&J - Juliet

NCIS - Jurisdiction

Oh tell me there's Borin/Gibbs fic. Or Abigail/Ziva. OR SOMETHING.

Looks like Casey was moonlighting while she was benched by Liz. I was very pleased to see her lurching about again. And holding a gun! Nom.

Scully - Facepalm

NCIS mindfuck

Oh jesus.

They think they're SO FUNNY messing with us. What in god's name is the point? Surely it's better to have the sudden romantic climax.

You know what they're doing? Mulder and Scullying us. THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE DOING AND IT SUCKS EVEN MORE THAN THAT DID.

Actually, maybe it doesn't. Because we care more about M&S, yes? Cos I can't possibly care as much about this freak show.

Uh, Geonn... Trin... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.
Girls - Descest/Legs/Red

NCIS catch up

Cello. If there's still some interest in my madcap adventures of late, I'm sure I can persuade deliriums_fish to write that mini-bio to entertain everyone. She's becoming an extremely poetic creature, I am very proud to be able to read her work <3

(but don't expect anything about me to be poetry - trust me)

C'n I ask a question, though, of the NCIS fangirls - can someone PLEASE explain to me the Ziva/Tony history up to S7? Which is what I'm watching now (rewatching the first 8, then the rest for the first time).

I have such trouble keeping the innuendo and everything STRAIGHT because they never seem to explain anything. Like, I remember there was some weird thing in.... S5? About photos of Tony coming to Ziva's place at night? But as I recall, they weren't ever explained as one or the other and could very well have been innocent (though, of course, we're meant to hope not... or whatever) It's just that I'm watching S07E03 - The Inside Man and Tony makes that reference to office romances never being a good idea and Ziva kind of gives him half a look over her shoulder and it's all very OBVIOUS.

I just can't work out if we're supposed to *know* they've had a fling or *think* they've had something or that they're setting up to have something or what.

No spoilers past Inside Man, obviously, but what do you think? I am exasperated, trying to keep up (having not watched NCIS in... whoa... two years? That's mental)
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Ugh, that was a long dry spell! Even worse for House, I'm still thirstin' for Cuddy.

But can I just say nice choice on the recurring guest stars? I mean, I know he was a plot device but I always did like the dynamic between him and Ziva. I'd ask for fic but it'd be creepy... Ziva and that much muscle. Not to mention he's too young for her. Maybe a little almost kiss interrupted by Gibbs... then Gibbs/Ziva.

OMG. That'd be cool.
Beetlejuice - Geena/Surrealism/Desert

Another fashion decision

Hm. I need to ask for your opinions again, people. I shouldn't really mention what I chose out of the skirts last time, in case people get offended... but I went with the orange. Which was doing me a bit of a disservice, going with what I thought was more typically "me" than what I really liked (but that's what happens, isn't it? You go for something you like and can't pull off, it's a waste) but then again, the orange has been popular with everyone who's seen it.

I'm getting this dress and I don't know which colour to go with.

Click the link, have a look at the pictures, tell me what you think. Here, I'll even put a picture of the dress and the colour choices under a cut for the lazy people (but do click the link, you get to see if from different angles and worn different ways).

The colours are black, white and those below (in the listing as well) -

1. pale sakura pink
2. burgundy
3. light blue
4. coffee brown
5. off white/cream
6. soft dusted lotus root red
7. gray
8. olive green
9. pale mint

I think the black would look great but I'm kinda hoping to get a dress that ISN'T black (though, to be fair, I don't think I actually have a black dress I can just wear casually and formally... I have the one I wore to my formal but it's heavy and not so fabulous, just because Princess Di had one, and the other I wore to my year 10 formal and is a elvish/vampire type fantasy, can't just wear around the place... and I don't have a LBD, not that this is a LBD... so it would actually be great in black but, for some reason, I don't want black) and the white would just be too WHITE. I look odd in white, I think it's just because it's so counter intuitive (definitely never wearing a white wedding dress... MAYBE cream but probably red :P)
Pale sakura pink makes me think of zombie skin and I think it would make my skin look weird. Burgundy is too heavy, I think. Light blue is VERY light and bright, think it would wash me out. EVen with the satin underneath, keeping it a light colour. Coffee brown is again, very heavy. Off white/cream looks nice, but I worry about what it'd do with my skin and if it would seem too close to white/wedding. Soft dusted lotus root red, besides being an awesome name, would come out too pink.... worried against my skin. The grey would be very smokey and priestessy, I think. Not too into that. Plus I don't really do grey, especially darker grey. Olive green looks lovely and is my first choice but I'm getting a different green dress and I think two would be a bit much. Pale mint... worried about how it would go with my skin, again.

So tell me what you think. I'll remind you that I am pale as bloody whitewash but I have a lot of freckles on my arms (and everywhere else) and I think my skin comes up more yellowish in undertone than pink. And I've got largely black hair right now (with varying colours - by way of extensions :P) If you like the green best, give me your second choice as well.

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