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NCIS catch up

Cello. If there's still some interest in my madcap adventures of late, I'm sure I can persuade deliriums_fish to write that mini-bio to entertain everyone. She's becoming an extremely poetic creature, I am very proud to be able to read her work <3

(but don't expect anything about me to be poetry - trust me)

C'n I ask a question, though, of the NCIS fangirls - can someone PLEASE explain to me the Ziva/Tony history up to S7? Which is what I'm watching now (rewatching the first 8, then the rest for the first time).

I have such trouble keeping the innuendo and everything STRAIGHT because they never seem to explain anything. Like, I remember there was some weird thing in.... S5? About photos of Tony coming to Ziva's place at night? But as I recall, they weren't ever explained as one or the other and could very well have been innocent (though, of course, we're meant to hope not... or whatever) It's just that I'm watching S07E03 - The Inside Man and Tony makes that reference to office romances never being a good idea and Ziva kind of gives him half a look over her shoulder and it's all very OBVIOUS.

I just can't work out if we're supposed to *know* they've had a fling or *think* they've had something or that they're setting up to have something or what.

No spoilers past Inside Man, obviously, but what do you think? I am exasperated, trying to keep up (having not watched NCIS in... whoa... two years? That's mental)

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