Angelina Ballerina (greenovalfruit) wrote,
Angelina Ballerina

NCIS S7 Final + Sean Murray

Fail. I mean, yeah - okay. But.... definitely lacked what the others had. Sure we care about Gibbs' dad. But.... yeah.

And resolution, start of S8? THAT WAS SO INCREDIBLY NOT. JUST NOT. How easy did they want to make it? So neat! So clean! SO BORING.

But anyway - seriously, is Sean Murray okay? Is he ill? I mean, he's been losing weight steadily but I'm on Royals and Loyals and he looks SICK. I was thinking he was starting to look scrawny and it wasn't working but now it's kind of past that point. I mean, if he was a woman, I would hazard a guess that there were food issues involved. Maybe there are. He was a little baby fat-ish when he first started.


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