Ziva - Soft/Straightened

NCIS Weenie

Michael Weatherly continues to make me want to bang my head against a brick wall with his patented Blank Face Acting.

But I did enjoy watching Cote be pretty and coquettish. And omg, can they NOT do the hair swept to one side thing? Besides it becoming a bit of a cliché (a HAIR cliché, that's terrible!), if I keep staring at her exposed neck, I'm going to... I don't know, explode? Something messy.

p.s. that last line was a little bit inappropriate, considering Ziva's Summer of Fun and Interrogation. Oh and by last line, I meant in the episode, not mine. But that too, a bit.
Christina - Eve/Riddick/Scent

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Ready for an explosion of fangirl awesome? Don't know how many people know about this, I was only just informed.

Canadian show.

Called "Defying Gravity" (FTW_)!

With Christina Cox.




I really hope I can profit from the ridiculous number of WMC fangirls desperate for their actress fix.... hoping for much fic. Even though, out of the girls in WMC, Angie Harmon is the most interesting. But Laura comes in second. And she's not a scary Republican, as far as I know. Big plus.
Casey - Uh/Um/Pause

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Angela's shopping - 

Apple & Strawberry juice, Nudie Blueberry, Blackberry & more crushie juice, Nudie Cranberry, Raspberry & more crushie juice, sellotape, The Little Rascals on dvd and a bottle of Scotch.

Ziva - Soft/Straightened

NCIS - Good Cop, Bad Cop


Seriously. There needs to be Gibbs/Ziva, for my SANITY.

P.S. Could Ziva save my life by making out with me, pls?
Scully - Facepalm

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Ugh, i've done something stupid and I need some collaborative creative thinking to help me work it out.

I gave a long term fic a working title. But it was long so I put the abbreviation as the file name.

And it's been a while... I have forgotten the name. CRAP. And it wasn't too bad, either.

So please use all your linguistic and logical problem solving skills to help me!! I needs this name!

It goes PoLywtP.

Which means P___ o___ L___ y___ w___ t___ P___.

Seven words, the capitalised ones aren't necessarily longer (like the non-capitalised ones aren't necessarily shorter but at least one should be...) but they were the ones I decided were important (like when song titles used to capitalise the important words and leave the others out.... like .... oh, I don't know. The Rose and The Briar or .... fuck, can't think of any good examples. But just making the important words capitalised!)

The fic is femslash, long term, angst, magic related (Worst Witch, HB/Drill), one's a potions teacher, one's a PE teacher (in case youa re unfortunate enough not to have done WW), there are big doings a happening, bad guys, things like that. And oh GOD, I cannot think! I keep getting Pieces of ......... for the first two. And the y seems like it should be 'you' or your'.

Help me, help me, please! Only dedicate a minute of your time to it if you're not hugely interested, post anything that comes to mind, it might jog my memory. It wasn't a fantastically inspired title, probably a bit angsty, but it worked. And I needs it!
Beetlejuice - Geena/Surrealism/Desert

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 Well, I need to be in bed like, now, but I wanted to write this somewhere.

So I've been reading Eat Pray Love or Pray Eat Love or Prey On Love or whatever the fuck this book is called (because it turns out I *am* one of the millions of women who buys into this stuff) and I got to the part where she's talking to ... Giuliano? Her twin language partner in Rome, anyhow, about how places have words. That Rome is SEX and that New York is ACHIEVE and Stockholm is CONFORM. And that people have words. And what was her word?

Well, I thought of mine quite quickly. My word is EVERYWHERE.

Because I am always in two places at once. I'm always thinking about one while in another. I've lived "everywhere", I've travelled "everywhere", I've wanted to be everywhere. And my thoughts are everywhere. My love is everywhere. My MIND is everywhere. I am never all at once. And I like how all encompassing but uncertain the word is. EVERY .... WHERE? I love everyone, I hate everyone, I am everything, I am nothing. I am strong willed and full of opinions but always questioning myself and incredibly suggestible. Everywhere. Every place, every nothing, every question.


If you had a word, what would you be? Think about it, because my first answers were flippant and annoying. Like CRAZY.
Cameron - blonde snow white

House S07E04 (well, 3... you know, stupid doubles)


There seriously needs to be some Cam/Cuddy related to that plasma donation scene in The Tyrant. Like, seriously. You guys saw that, right?


In other news, I HAVE BEEN REJECTED AS A DISNEY PRINCESS!! Not even a Princess - a baddie and a flower and a fairy and whatever other shit parts too!  They didn't even ask for my resume or to talk to me. If they did, they'd know they had a ready made Wicked Queen on their hands. I mean, I can do evil, I can live in Japan and conduct myself appropriately (they have a very intricate and sometimes plain old mystifying culture, the Japanese) and... well... I'm awesome? Whatever... it was a dance audition for an acting part. I didn't have a hope in hell.

And it'll be something fun to drop into interviews when I'm wildly successful in... whatever.